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Are you tired of the search for a makeup artist who understands the essence of natural beauty? Do you dream of looking like the best version of yourself on your wedding day? Your search ends here.

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You want


I specialize in bridal hair and makeup services that celebrate your natural allure. Whether you prefer a subtle touch or are unaccustomed to wearing layers of makeup, rest assured, I've got you covered. My approach is all about accentuating your unique features, bringing forth your inherent elegance without masking it under heavy layers of makeup.

version of yourself

Be the best

I focus on enhancing your beauty, ensuring you feel confident and radiant as you walk down the aisle.
Let's create a stunning look that feels authentic to you
—a look that beautifully complements your individuality and showcases your natural charm.

Welcome to a world where your bridal beauty shines through effortlessly.


Why to book Eva


Makeup and hair trends are always changing, there are new techniques, products, and tips. I work hard to stay on top of these trends and continue to educate myself to bring my clients a modern but timeless look.


I listen to my clients carefully in order to create the look of their dreams. I follow their natural features to create the best version of themselfs.


You will get a professional approach followed by European touch with 8+ years of experience. I also work in film so I do makeup for actors and models.


Before and 

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

                      -Coco Chanel

From my

beautiful clients

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and Rates


I offer a variety of packages to best suit your needs. 

All packages include

  • false eyelashes

  • unlimited emailing

  • phone call consultation

  • coordination of beauty timeline

  • pinning of veil and hair accessories

  • hair pins and padding (if needed)

  • ​travel within Vancouver

During the wedding season (May - September) the booking minimum is Bridal Package plus one additional person for hair and makeup

A $200 non-refundable deposit and signed contract is required to secure your booking. 

All prices subject to GST


Ready to discover your

natural beauty?

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. If available I will send you a short questionnaire about your needs
  3. Initial consultation
  4. Sign a proposal and secure a deposit
  5. You are booked!
  6. Schedule a trial
  7. Trial follow up
  8. Your wedding day 
Contact us form

Get in touch

  • What is a booking process?
    Fill out the inquiry form or send me an email. When I confirm my availability we can talk about your needs. I will send you a short questionnaire so I have all the important details and based on you needs I will draft a proposal for your review. We can schedule a phone call to talk before you commit to book. When you are ready to sign the contact you will be asked to pay the deposit online. Paying this retainer confirms your booking and you are all set.
  • Do you provide false eyelashes?
    I do provide false eyelashes for everyone. I have options of strip lashes but recently I have been using a lot of individual eyelashes for more natural look. They are very comfortable and the intensity can be adjusted to your liking. Non-latex glue available on request.
  • What makeup and hair brands do you use?
    As a makeup artist I prioritize the quality and performance of products to ensure my clients receive the best results. I don't limit myself to one specific brand; instead, I curate a collection from various trusted and reputable brands to cater to diverse needs and preferences. I carry a diverse range of products from brands like Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, Make Up For Ever, Hourglass, Dior, itCosmetics and Face Atelier. Each brand offers unique strengths, allowing me to select the finest products tailored to suit individual skin tones, textures, and preferences. Additionally, I meticulously select skincare items that accommodate various skin types and concerns, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized experience for my clients. I prioritize products that are hypoallergenic and free from perfumes, focusing on my client comfort and safety. In my hair kit I carry a lot of Kenra, Morroconoil and Tigi. These brands offer exceptional quality and cater to diverse hair types, enabling me to create stunning and personalized hairstyles for my clients.
  • What if I don't wear any makeup at all?
    I completely understand the concern about not feeling like oneself or disliking the sensation of heavy makeup. Many clients approach me with similar worries, especially for special events like weddings where they want to retain their natural appearance. My approach as a makeup artist focuses on enhancing your natural beauty while ensuring you feel comfortable and confident. I specialize in techniques that achieve a radiant and flawless complexion without the need for heavy coverage, ensuring you look and feel like the best version of yourself. I prioritize discussing preferences and comfort levels with my clients. Together, we explore makeup options that are light, breathable, and designed to enhance your features without feeling overwhelming or 'cakey'. Whether it's a subtle enhancement of your skin tone or a minimalistic approach to eye makeup, I aim to create a look that aligns with your comfort and desired style. In recent years, the trend of embracing a natural, 'no-makeup' look has gained immense popularity, not just in the commercial world but also within wedding aesthetics. This trend allows for a more authentic and effortless beauty that resonates with many individuals. I'm committed to ensuring you feel comfortable and stunning on your special day, whether that means incorporating minimal makeup or opting for a natural, fresh-faced appearance. Your preferences and comfort are my top priority, and I'm here to create a look that celebrates your unique beauty while maintaining your comfort level. Please feel free to share any concerns or preferences you have regarding makeup during our consultation, and together, we'll craft a personalized approach that meets your needs and aligns with your desired look.


My focus is beautiful glowing skin.
My mission is not to create a new person but a more enhanced version of you - I want you to feel like

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